The Board of Directors are elected by the Members in good standing with the Association. Directors serve for three years and terms are staggered such that three director positions are up for election each year.

The Officers of the Association are elected each year by the Board of Directors. The directors are as follows:

Responsibility Member Term End Date Officer
President Matthew Maroney 12/31/2022 Yes
Vice President Vacant N/A Yes
Secretary Debi Kaufman 12/31/2025 Yes
Treasurer Troy Dryzga 12/31/2025 Yes
Special Events Cheryl Fulton 12/31/2023 No
Hospitality Tina McQueen 12/31/2023 No
Communications Steven Zapata 12/31/2023 No
Landscaping/Maintenance David Mills 12/31/2024 No

This form is used to nominate new POA board members:

Bent Tree POA Nomination Form